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Root canal therapy is a procedure that is performed when the dental pulp inside your tooth becomes infected or damaged. The dental pulp has the important job of supplying your tooth with essential nerves. However, in the event that it becomes infected, it can harm your entire tooth’s structure and cause it to possibly die.

During a root canal, the damaged dental pulp is carefully removed and the inner pulp chamber is cleaned so that it is free from any infections or bacteria. The chamber is then refilled with a special material and the tooth is resealed and capped off with a dental crown. To ensure you’re completely comfortable during your procedure, you’ll be given anesthesia and sedation to minimize any discomfort. To learn more about root canal therapy, contact Smaily Dental, in Kitchener at (519) 748-2313 to speak with one of our friendly staff today.

Root Canal Therapy in KitchenerRoot Canal in Kitchener, ON

Root Canal Treatment in Kitchener, ON

Last Updated On 2020-07-14