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To ensure that your child's teeth are growing properly, Smaily Dental provides comprehensive orthodontics & orthopedics for your family. Orthopedics involves the use of short-term removal oral appliances, such as retainers, to ensure your child's teeth, jawbone, and facial structure are developing properly. When used correctly, functional orthopedics can prevent problems, such as crooked teeth, overcrowding, and bite issues.

Depending on the severity of your child’s dental problems, we may recommend orthodontics. Orthodontics involves using semi-permanent dental devices, such as braces, that are attached to your child’s teeth. Braces give the dentist more control and accuracy to shift their teeth into optimal alignment to create a healthy attractive smile. Depending on the case, orthodontic treatment may last several years.

Kitchener dentist at Smaily Dental will personally work with you and your child to ensure that they achieve a smile they can be proud of. To learn all about our orthodontic & orthopedic treatments, contact our Dentist Kitchener at  (519) 748-2313 to set up an appointment.

Last Updated On 2020-07-14