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Do you have any of the following dental problems?

  •  Decay
  •  Cavities
  •  Damage
  •  Cracks
  •  Weak teeth
  •  Broken teeth

If yes, one of the best ways to restore a problematic tooth is with a crown. A crown, or dental cap, is a dental restoration that can fix a problematic tooth while improving its appearance. Dental crowns can correct a host of issues, including restoring decay, fixing cracks, and rebuilding weak or broken teeth.

Compared to other dental restorations, like bonded fillings, inlays and onlays, a crown treats the entire tooth, meaning that it covers the tooth’s entire visible surface. Thus, once placed, it becomes the tooth’s new outer surface and provides a stable protective barrier.

Dental crowns can be constructed from a variety of materials including gold alloy, porcelain, ceramic, or a mixture of these substances. Dr. Smaily can help you to choose the appropriate crown for your smile. To learn more about our dental crowns, contact our Kitchener Dental Office to set up an appointment today.

Dental Crowns in KitchenerDental Crowns in Kitchener, ONDental Crowns in Kitchener, Ontario

Last Updated On 2020-07-14