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WisdomTeeth Extraction
I was referred to Dr. Smaily from a friend and I'm certainly glad I chose him as the dentist to perform my wisdom teeth extraction. Dr. Smaily and his staff were very welcoming and helpful throughout the entire process. From booking the appointment right through to the follow up days after. They accommodated all of my needs and more. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend Dr. Smaily's office for all of your dental needs. Thanks again!
~Matt Fryer

Customer Service
From the time you walk through the front door until you leave - staff demonstrates high levels of professionalism and directed customer service. Excellent team approach.
~Mark Derro

Good experience, 6 month check up and cleaning.
Appointment was on time and cleaning was good and professional. Check up was short and sweet and always nice seeing Dr Smaily and seeing him leave the exam with a smile on his face. Processing of the payment was fast and easy since I had to update my insurance information. The front office and waiting area redecorating is very nice and comfortable!! Thanks!
~Martha Lobsinger.







Your first appointment with Dr. Smaily will be a complete examination. During this appointment, we will take a necessary set of digital xrays and intra oral pictures, such as the Panoramic X-ray shown here. Panoramic X-Ray

This allows Dr Smaily to detect cavities, bone loss, gum disease and any abnormalities. A thorough examination will be done of your teeth, surrounding soft tissues and an oral cancer screening. Dr Smaily will discuss with you any concerns he may have as well as treatment options. In some instances, a following appointment will be scheduled to present a detailed treatment plan for your consideration.


Our Hygiene team prides itself in providing all our patients with an intensive and thorough hygiene and periodontal (gum care) program. In coordination with our preventative approach of oral healthcare, we strongly believe that patient education and regular dental check ups is the best way to prevent future problems from arising. Each hygiene visit includes assessment of your bite to investigate signs of clenching, grinding or TMJ disorders as well as a full soft tissue screen to investigate signs of oral cancer.

Composite fillings

Teeth diagnosed with decay and requiring filling can be treated with white composite fillings. In the past, fillings where made with silver amalgam or other metals. White fillings, in addition to having cosmetic benefits, eliminate the risks of amalgam fillings including leaking and failing. After your tooth is restored with a composite filling, it is normal to experience sensitivity to hot and cold. This will subside shortly after your tooth becomes acclimated to your new filling.

Root Canal Therapy

Also called endodontics, root canal treatment is the process of removing the infected, injured or dead pulp from a tooth. There is a space inside the hard layers of all teeth that is called the root canal system which is filled with soft dental pulp. It is made up of nerves and blood vessels that can help the tooth grow and develop but once the tooth is full grown it can survive without the pulp. A tooth with an infection in the pulp chamber will never heal on its own. The infection will worsen and become more and more painful until it reaches the point where the infection may spread past your tooth and into other parts of the body. It is very important to assess the damage as early as possible. Many people fear root canals, but they are usually a painless procedure with the use of proper dental anaesthetics.


As we get a little older, our teeth begin to change and are more prone to decay. Thre are many reasons for this change in our smile. These reasons can include bruxism (teeth grinding), general decay, cracked fillings, root canals and many others. If a tooth is beyond repair with filling material, we may recommend that the best viable option to save the tooth is a full crown. The benefits of this restoration in a badly damaged tooth are strengthening of the tooth and protection against future fractures, cosmetic appearance and overall support of the chewing function. Crowns are usually completed in just two appointments.


A dental bridge is used to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. It is a false tooth which is anchored to the adjacent teeth to deliver a natural looking new tooth. There are several options to consider when selecting a dental bridge.


Single implantMissing teeth can greatly affect your self confidence in your appearance. Dental implants are the most durable way of replacing missing teeth. Dental implants act as an artificial tooth root. Once the implant is placed and has had time to heal, a crown is secured to the implant. This new tooth replicates the natural function and appearance of natural teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace single missing teeth, several missing teeth, as well as used to secure dentures and bridges. Learn more...


Our main priority is to do everything possible to save your natural teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not feasible and an extraction is necessary. Extractions are performed in our office by Dr Smaily, with your comfort as our main consideration. Tooth extractions are virtually painless, and sedation options are available in case you are feeling anxious about the procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth. They are also referred to as “third molars”. Often there is inadequate space in the jaw to accommodate wisdom teeth. Their removal prevents future problems including infection, decay, damage to adjacent teeth and crowding. To assess if Wisdom tooth extraction is necessary, a panoramic xray is taken to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth. Dr Smaily will perform a thorough examination and explain the procedure as well as answer any questions. Wisdom tooth extractions are done in our office, and usually under sedation. Our patients are carefully monitored during the procedure, and are able to go home shortly after. Specific post operative instructions are given to our patients as well as medication to manage infection, swelling and discomfort.

Sedation (Dentistry while you sleep)

We understand that fear, anxiety and past experiences can prevent you from receiving the proper dental care required to maintain the health of your teeth. If our patients suffer from anxiety, we offer sedation so that you may feel calm and relaxed during your treatment. Learn more...

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